Wow! I received my first ever rejection from a paying market a few days back. For my Beneath a Violent Sky story. And it feels.....great!
It was a hurdle that I really needed to get over. What I'm going to do next is tidy up that story (I can always find a way to improve something, no matter how many times I return to it!) and re-submit it someplace else. I aim to get a few other things together over the course of the next months so that I have a number of stories in circulation at any one time. That will get the rejections coming in thick and fast!

In other news, I managed to break my duck for this month with a 1000 word flash fic piece for a contest on SFFWorld. I'll probably put that on here when the contest is over. In the meantime I could probably get around to uploading my entry from last month.

Always so much to do!