Their random fire had not, unfortunately, distracted the German snipers and Williams had been shot in the head halfway across the narrow divide. They had waited forty five minutes before Andrew had followed in his footsteps.

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“You really think I’m in danger here, don’t you?” he asked.
“No,” she replied, deadpan, “I think we both could be. Have you got a suitcase packed?”
“Come on, Stella, you know me better than that,” he said, leaning forward to place his half drained cup upon the tea tray. “I practically live out of a suitcase. I wouldn’t even know what a wardrobe was for.”
“Oh,” she quipped, “I thought you used them for hiding in?”

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And what if he does die, here and now? The Rector pondered. What would that mean? He was quite certain now that Sleet James’ involvement in these alien affairs was by no means accidental. What he was uncertain of, however, was whether James’ demise would benefit his own cause or hamper him in his intentions.

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Moira’s laugh was disconcerting, “you mean alien abduction, like the x-files or something? Helen, I didn’t come here to listen to this!”
Helen fixed the other woman with a stony glare, “you came here to listen, and you said that you would. I told you that it would be hard to believe, and guess what? It is!"
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Perry turned to consider him. “You alright?” he asked.
“Yeah,” Sleet grimaced back, “of course I am. I’ve only been kidnapped by monsters and a raving psychopath and whisked off to an alien world which has air as thick as soup. In what way could I possibly not be ‘alright’?”

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Eleanor imagined that, amongst the myriad of tiny shimmering black and white pixels, she could make out the vaguest outline of a face. She continued to stare. The screen stared back - it seemed to have developed a pair of bright white eyes. She stared harder. The face in the screen was unflinching. Greg was right. Doing this could really play tricks on your mind.

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'He was transfixed now - too late to back out of it, even if he wanted to. Those glowing eyes burnt into his brain with an intensity The Rector knew could steal his soul, the very core of him.'
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